Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sewing Craft: Sock dolls

Take a sock of your chosen color and lay it flat on smooth surface. Be sure to lay "heel down".
Cutting from the toe up, cut a straight line 3/4 up the foot of the sock.

You should now have your the foot of your sock cut equally up the middle. These two side will be your legs.

Next, Take your scissors and cut horizontally 1/4 up from bottom of your original slit. Be sure and Cut across both "legs" evenly.

Turn the sock inside out and begin sewing the legs evenly with a back stitch. Be sure and make the stitches tight and even, so that your stuffing will not escape.

After you have completed sewing the legs of your sock Doll. Take the 2 small toe portions of the sock that you should have cut in step 2. These will be the sock doll's arms. Turn it inside out. Fold evenly in half and begin to sew around the edges with the back stitch. Be sure to leave a finger sized gap at the end of your stitching so that you can turn the arm right side out.

After turning the arm right side out, fill the arm with stuffing and sew the gap using the blind stitch.

Fill the body of your sock doll up 3/4 of the way. Now take the arms and stitch them onto the side of your doll. You can use something as simple as the overcast stitch or the blind stitch.

After sewing the arms onto the doll, Take a piece of ribbon and secure tightly around the dolls neck.

Now begin stuffing the Top of the doll. This will become your doll's head. After filling with stuffing, take a rubber band, and tie off the top. Be sure to leave a good amount of the cuff of the sock free. Fold this over to cover the rubber band, and this becomes your doll's hat.

Sew some small stitches around the rim of the hat, attaching the hat to the head so that the rubber band remains permanently hidden. Finish your sock doll off by sewing buttons for eyes. You may also choose to embroider a nose and mouth.

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