Monday, December 14, 2009

Nativity directions 2... the Manger

This kit consists of 5 pieces; 1 large rectangle, 2 long rectangles, and two short rectangles. the base piece for this project is the large rectangle. All other pieces will be sewn to this piece.

First, take one of the long rectangle pieces, and line it up to the coordinating side of the large rectangle piece. You will know that it is coordinating, because it is the same length. Place the long rectangle piece on top of the base piece, and start overcasting it on. Be sure that you are sewing it on straight and in perfect alignment with the base piece.

Sew the 2nd long piece on to the opposite side using the same stitch. Notice that you are only sewing the piece along 1 side (the long side) of the base piece. after sewing both pieces on, it will seem as though you have sewn a hinged double door.

Open you sewn piece so that it lies flat. you must open it up so that you can begin to sew the short pieces on. Line one of your short pieces up with the upper portion of the base piece. Lay it on top of your base piece sew it on using the overcast stitch. When finished, sew the 2nd short piece on to the lower portion.

After you have sewn all 5 pieces together. Open the overcast hinges so that it look like the picture above. After "flexing" the hinges, bend each of the 4 "flaps" upward... so that you have created a box.

Pinch each corner of the box together so that you are holding 1 long piece and 1 short piece. Begin sewing in overcast at the portion closest to the base. Do the same at each 4 corners, so that you have, indeed, sewn a box.

Notice how I have pinched the corners together in the above picture. I have started sewing at the portion closest to the base. The needle should pass through 1 long and 1 short piece securely.

Notice how both of the corners in this picture are tightly sewn together. Be sure to use small, even stitches to ensure that your stitches do not slip.

When all four corners are sewn you should have a box such as above.
Turn the box inside out for a cradle-like effect. this will also hide any knots our bulky stitches that you might have.
And there you have it.... a finished manger.
please stay tuned for our Jesus and Joseph projects :)

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