Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Jesus felt Doll Lesson 3

Baby Jesus is the easiest of all our felt pieces.
He is smaller, and less detailed, but cute just the same.
The baby Jesus kit consists of 4 pieces.
The front, back, face and halo.
As with the other felt dolls, start off with embroidering the eyes, nose and mouth on your face.

Use small tight stitches. the back stitch and the french knots work the best. Please see the link provided in lesson 1 if you need a refresher on these stitches.
After embroidering the face, place it atop the front piece and use small slit stitches to sew it in place... some of the girls may refer to it as the "overcast stitch"... as it is of a similar technique.

Next, take the back piece and affix the Halo to the upper portion. You may use the back stitch, and go around the lower portion of the circle.

Once finished with the above steps, you are ready to assemble the doll. Place the top piece evenly on top of the back portion, and begin sewing with a small tight back stitch around the outer edge of the doll. Be sure to see that the needle is penetrating both pieces of felt with a safe amount of perimeter, so that you don't loose a stitch.

As with the other dolls, work your way around; leaving a two finger gap for the poly fill. Stuff the doll to your liking, and then close up the opening, using the same back stitch...

Voila... Baby Jesus is complete.

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